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    Mixture of Mix Music, please call 01902 382329 Std rate. Next Hasso Te Hassao

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Today's Schedule

12am to 5am - Through the Night

5am to 9am - Shabads & Kirtan

9am to 11am - Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe

11am to 12pm - Mix Music

12pm to 2pm - Mera Desh Mere Lok with J K Chand

2pm to 3pm - Mix Music Entertainment

3pm to 5pm - Hasso Te Hassao with Mindho Mall & Harbhajan Midda

5pm to 6pm - Mix Music Entertainment

6pm to 8pm - Satguru Kanshi Wala with Nirmal Mahay

8pm to 10pm - Mix Music Entertainment

10pm to 12am - Mixed Music Till Midnight